Thursday, October 28, 2010


Not satisfied with standard crushers for my Tzeentch Daemon themed army I worked on the model some and I am rather pleased with the results.

***Enter the Fatecrushers*** (yes I know the name is used for a Fateweaver crusher list but it just has such a nice ring for the unit)

I took a note from our Chaos Space marine allies and did a blending of a khorne champ riding a juggernaught and gave it a Tzeentch feel. It still bears the Crusher body shaved off any obvious khorne markings, removed the bull head which was replaced with a giant eye of tzeentch. For the rider I wanted to visually carry over the 3+ armor save thier rule set gives them, so I mounted a thousand son marine on top. Now in an effort to make sure i still remained a "daemon" army and not some hybrid blend I didn't do just a regular rubric marine but instead did a possessed 1k son (seeing as thier own rule set marks them as daemonkin) on top. An to bear the apperance of a power weapon/hellblade I gave his arm the mutation that looks like an old powerfist with a blade cracking through giving the blade a turquiose coloring of power. Like I said all in all I am pleased with the model.