Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Games Workshop (GW) Online Policies: The first ripple effect

So Games Workshop (GW) has laid out new policies for online sales and bits sales to put a tighter reign on their product and IP.

Many are screaming at it with hate (I would bet most are people not playing GW game anymore), and some are coming at it with statements of "business as usual".

Now I am not going to profess a Masters in marketing, but I do dabble in the field of marketing and sales and I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that this will have a HUGE impact on GW in the coming years.  Don't believe me, well we now have evidence of the first ripple effect in the form of Mini Wargaming shutting down their online store.

You have been warned.....

NOTE: None of these policies are optional nor have they had their sellers response.  These are mandates that GW has pushed down with retort of do it or lose your license.  Not that it's ethically wrong for a company to do it, companies do it all the time.  I mention this note because it helps to understand it from the retailers side of the issue.  They have no resort.  They either comply or else, not the best business relationship situation.