Sunday, April 8, 2012

I made it

So the IFL Quarterly tournament is over and I must say I was surprised to make it in.  At first I was told by a friend my name disappeared from the waiting list.  Then I was told only a couple dropped.  But to as I said I was going to go and support and help out, and I am glad I did.  I got there and they had enough drops that I made it into the tournament. 

It was only a 3 round tournament using rolled for out of the book scenarios so no oddball missions.

Game 1
Game 1 was a Spearhead/Capture & Control Mirror match.  Where my Necron list was about fast redeployment his was about choking the field with warriors and immortals.  Which for Capture control was a bit of a issue.  So many bodies to choke his control point.  Felt like this game as going to be a true to form Capture the tie.  However through some Necron Shenanigans I pulled his units off through multi charges  He over devoted to the assaults and forgot the mission and in the bottom of turn 5 I veiled to his objective and held mine after clearing off his contesting unit.  Game 1 - Win

Game 2
This game was a Standard 12 deploy/KP match against....Draigowing.....ugggh.  I should have played for the tie and just used my speed and redeployment to stay away.  KP games against Draigo are just an uphill battle with his list only giving out 7 KPs and mine holding 12, it was a no win situation unless he over extended and I could capitalize.  In the end I did a stupid move and I over extend, devoting a unit trying to take out a Rhino for a KP and the Veil scatter put them within Draigo's charge range getting him the needed KP for the win. 

Game 3
Last game of the match playing Dawn of War/3 objectives.  My opponent had an eclectic Eldar list with alot of footar with 1 Prism, Wave & Falcon.  One objective was dead center another was place on my left close to me and was matched by my opponent placing his near his deployment zone on my right.  I deployed Zahndrekh behind a building completely out of LoS and he deployed his HQ and two troops  He came on the board and reinforced the center of his deployment zone with Guardians, Avatar Eldrad and Seer council.  2 Dire Avengers on my left and Dark Reapers and Ranged on my right.  Due to Zahndrekh's Phased Deployment rule I got to piggy back on him coming on the board edge from reserves for Dawn of War Turn 1 and deepstruck my army in response to his Wraiths near center Immortals to respond to Dire's and Reapers.  In the end my opponent had never experienced that style of Necron deployment and it put him on his back heels the whole game.  By the end of Turn 5 he was almost Tabled with just an Avatar and Eldrad on the board.  Game 3 - Win.

In the end there were three trophies to be had.

Most VPs
Most VPs Retained
Most VP and Most VP retained totaled together

With my 3 Veil AV 13 list I played very defense and walked the title of Most VPs Retained.  My brother got Most VP and Retained totaled together, and one of my friends Jeff Payne walked away with Most VPs.

Monday, April 2, 2012

2000pt Local 40K Tournament at Game Vault

So the Iron Fist League (IFL) is running a local 40K tournament down at Game Vault (can't say enough good things about this place, and no they are not paying me to say this), in Fredrickburg, VA this weekend (April 7th, 2012).

Length: 3 Rounds
Size: 2000 Points
Painting: Not Required
Missions: Randomly determined standard rule book missions (I would roll one die for deployment, and objective each round, ignoring duplicate results)
Cost: $25 (100% of entry fees going to you with prizes doled out as store credit)
Format: Of every $25 entry fee, 10 goes into a prize pool split between: Most Victory Points Taken, Least Victory Points Lost, Combined Total. The remaining $15 is separated into 3 $5 "bets" on the outcome of each match. You get $10 for a win, $5 for a draw, and $0 for a loss. This encourages everyone to stick around through the last round as they have a chance at earning some of their money back.