Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Initial thoughts on Commander's Crucible in SR2014

So with the release of Steamroller 2014 we are introduced to a new format for Warmachine and Hordes games.  Enter "Commander's Crucible".  I have been trying to break down this format mentally in prep for playing it at TempleCon and for me this format feel very much like Mangled Metal with Icing on the cake.  You have a 20-25 pt battle group and then your icing aka your 15pt support.   Character restrictions aren't to bad unless your dealing with Character Jacks and or Character attachements.  
  • Ret and Mercs will have to figure out which battle group most needs Sylys and Skorne will have to do the same for Marketh  
  • I don't expect a huge amount of Khaor, Cryx and Minions as those faction players historically have had issues with running large amounts of jacks.  I still think the factions have three casters that can get the job done well, but it will be up to those players to find out which ones they like in order to do it.  Though I think the inclusion of the Withershadow Combine in every list in a format that will have alot of scrap piles laying around should make many Cryx players semi-happy.
  • Other factions though will be able to do things like put a Janissa, Black Frost, Lord of Feast, Winterguard Deathstar, Errant/Piper/Book combo, etc. in every list, 
  • Even though I would think that though they aren't super excited about 20+ pt battlegroups, Mercs would be excited for the chance to have their character units and solos in as many of their lists as they want.

In the end it's a new format though as I said it draw likings to older elements of Steamroller like pre-character restrictions and Mangled Metal.  Though in part I am curious if this is a covert way of playtesting and seeing how much of an issue the game would be if they lifted Character Restriction in our present game state.  In the end all I can say is try the format before you determine you do or don't like it.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Video Battle Reports #8-9

Here is the next round of video battle reports.  Still working on camera footage coverage, and tweaking the graphics and animation here and there.  I am 90% done with the animation just trying to tweak things to get it perfect.  Still need to sit down and draft up a logo for the channel.  Something beyond the Channel name and a star burst in the background.

Video Battle Report #8

Video Battle Report #9