Friday, January 3, 2014

Would you like to play a game?

Do you like to play wargames?
Do you (or did you) like to play Magic the Gathering?
Do you (or did you) like to play chess?
Do you like to play games with a clear and concise detailed rules?
Do you like to play games with a developed lore and background world?

If you answered yes to the above five questions than I can honestly say that Warmachine or Hordes is a
game you will enjoy and you should read more.

So I have been playing this game for near a year and a half now.  It has been a long and bumpy road, with many a beating I have received on the table.  I have traveled all over the US to the National Tournament scene and many a local tournament in the MD > VA area.  An with all that in mind I can comfortably say this game is amazing.

Do you like to play Wargames?
This one is mostly self explanatory.  If you know what the word "wargames' means then you know what I am talking about and probably already have an idea of if you like it or not, but the jist of it is simple.  These are games akin to Board Games or TCGs where you are playing out your part as an a player intent on winning a set scenario or end game state.  With the added element of miniature models on a table to represent your army of choice.

Do you like to play Magic the Gathering? -and- Do you like to play chess?
These are questions that I feel best represent how the game of Warmachine or Hordes can be won or lost.  Like chess you have models on the board that are key to your armies survival, some that you sacrifice to state piece trades, others that you bring up the rear to bash your opponent's face in and press forward the victory condition.  Like chess there is also a King piece (your warcaster/warlock) if he dies you lose end of story.  So though this is an aggressive game that requires you to push up the board and beat your opponent's army to a pulp.  Leave your King out in the open and your done for.  An like Magic the Gathering there is an embedded card system to the game.  You use the cards to identify the stats of your army pieces as well as the abilities they have while on the table.  Each card has it's own set of rules as well as universal rules that all cards can carry.  An much like MTG you have a resource mechanic to the game.  Where in MTG there is a mana mechanic that allows you to summon/cast spells.  In this game there is a focus/fury mechanic that allows you to use your big machines/beasts or cast spells.

Do you like to play games with a clear and concise detailed rules?
I have played many a games over the past two years, from Warhammer 40K & Fantasy to Dystopian Wars, Flames of War, Infinity & Malifaux.  These rules are in my opinion the most well written rules around.  In the time I have played the game there are very little rules conflicts, and if there is a judge call being made during a game it's 99% of the time a call on if a model is in or out for a desired effect, not the rule itself.  What I am trying to say here is, you won't have rules arguments in this game like you would in other games.  The rules are written that well.

Do you like to play games with a developed lore and background world?
I have heard people say that there is no character to Warmachine & Hordes, that their is no story or background.  Which is a sure fire sign that the person saying it has never actually seen one of their books.  Not only is there a story and background for all the factions in the game, but every new release for the game comes with more story arc and the fluff being pushed along.  There are no stack stories being told over and over with the release of a new rules book or army book.  The story evolves as the game evolves, and soon you will be drawn in to a favorite army or caster that you scrambling to read more about.  Add to this the fact that as of 2013 Privateer Press has taken on it's own novelette publisher and is releasing e-book after e-book of their story arc, but they have an up and coming game that is pushing the story along.  To say there is no background or story, is just dead wrong.

In the end what I am trying to say is.  THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!  An if any of my friends are reading this, please...PLEASE give it a try.  Find a PG, get some demo games in have a good time.

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