Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Painting with ADD

There are a ton of articles out there on how to paint using different medians, or techniques of deluding paint, allow me to talk about a different kind of how to paint. How to paint when you have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). For those not familiar with the disorder it's best described as wanting to do something but not having the ability to stop your mind from wondering away from it. Imagine if you will your sitting in front of a TV which has a show you want to watch, but someone else has the remote and keeps changing the channel every few minutes before going back to the show you wanted to watch. Only to start the cycle of channel flipping all over again. As you can imagine it would be hard to full grasp and enjoy your show cause your not able to give it your full attention. Probably a poor imagery but it's hard to explain. Now mind you there are many variants of ADD and ADHD out there. I will address the one I am familiar with, which is bare bones ADD (no hyperactive), and steps I take to curb my symptoms and allow focus to some good painting time.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The rise of a new force

So if you haven't seen it yet Beast of War leaked a ton of images on the new necrons which can be found here:

Needless to say after all the pictures and what little rumors I have seen I have jumped on this new army like a fat kid on cupcakes.  I immediately called all the local GWs and independent stores to find out what Necrons they had available so I could give myself a kick start of a painted army come Nov 5th.  The answer to the question is nothing.  No on had anything worth while, save one store that was near 2 hours away.  None the less I asked them to put a hold on it.  Grabbed my brother and jumped in a car for a long drive down and the single Necron item they had left.  The Necron battle box.  Clearing off my table of all other distractions (save my BA commission I need to finish up for a client), I now have warriors, scarabs and destroyers to look into designing. 

I say designing cause the current necron range is a bit bland.  I recognize that from the old fluff it was appropriate for everything to be bland, but with this new release of models it is clear that bland is not the necron way any more.

Time to dive into the bitz box and see what spice I can add to the older models.  I'm sure they will find a place on this blog as I go.  It begs the question though.  with most of the newer models rules site unseen how many people were interested in doing a necron army just off the leaked pictures alone.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ugggh what a couple days

Sorry for the lack of posting it has been hell on wheels around here with work.   So what has changed, lets see: 

1.) My new Pack Go from Battle Foams is in very nice. 
2.) Participated in a local tournament for IFL which needed me horrible results on the table but walking away with Best Army (Players Choice)
3.) Been charged with a Blood Angles commission (which is nice as it gets my want of doing a Blood Angels army out of my system, without me having to spend money on it).
4.) And last but not least a couple games in here and there just to make sure I don't gamer rust.

I know I owe a blob park and i will get that out soon-ish.  Probably some shots of the Blood Angels commission as I do it, more to as it happens.  Oh and possible Necron works if all the rumor-mongering is true.  Might be time for a new army.