Friday, June 15, 2012

IFL Road to NOVA Invitational this weekend

Heading out on Saturday to the Iron Fist League (IFL) Road to NOVA Invitational being hosted at the Game Vault down in Fredricksburg.

When: Sat, June 16, 10:30am – 8:00pm
Where: Fredericksburg, VA
Tournament Type: $10 40K Warhammer - 16 man invitational
Winner of the tournament will get to go on to participate in the IFL Invitational Finals gathered from the various RTTs we are running for a last man standing match.  Winner from the Finals will be getting a invite to the NOVA Invitational.  
All that being said I am going to have fun as I have ZERO intentions of participating in the Invitational even if I some how win it.  With the coming of 6th ed and the news that NOVA will be 6th but the Invitational will be 5th I have concluded that I don't need that mental confusion in an already high competition tournament.  By not going to the Invitational I am guaranteeing that when I go to NOVA I can do so with just 6th in mind.
As for this weekends little match up I am actually thinking of dragging out the Chaos Space Marines.  Go back to my grass roots for one last throw down before 6th rolls out and everything is swept away in Tides of Madness (ehhh..see what I did there).

Monday, June 11, 2012

Are you a product of your environment?

So there are lot of posts going up all around the blogsphere about the trolling and hateorade of Games Workshop (GW) and how the negativity people are expressing is ruining the hobby.  An to some extent I completely agree with this camp.  Expressing your opinion about being "done wrong" is everyone right (Freedom of Speech and all that).  Expressing your opinion over and over and over in a public forum such as the Internet with no real recount to why or defense when your opinion is addressed as invalid however is just flat out trolling.  Don't be disillusioned, trolling can be done to a company or an object just as much as it can be done to the person or group of people.  This past weekend however I was posed with an interesting view point as I talked to some fellow Iron Fist Leaguers.

Is the negativity the gamers are providing Games Workshop warranted?  Are the gamers being Internet trolls to get attention, or is this the result of GWs business practice and people expressing in an overly opinionated environment that "enough is enough"? 

Monday, June 4, 2012

NOVA Open Painting Competition Log

So I have been told I am a "good" painter. I have always thought of myself as an average painter who puts in just that couple more minutes on a model to make it a hair above table top standard.

That being said I have always believed you can't get better unless you try for something unattainable. To which leads me to my choice of entering a model in the up and coming NOVA Open Painting competition. They have 2 Archtypes (Sci-Fi & Fantasy/Alternate world) and 3 model types (Single model, Large Model, and Diorama). With so many choices though, I am not sure which one to enter. Part of me is thinking the Diorama would be a nice test of skill but what to do a Diorama of. 40K? Fantasy? Other gaming systems?

With only 2.5 months before the competition it's gonna be tight (considering I have an army to paint for the actual NOVA Open as well as it's display board, mix in still playing to refine the list, random RTT tournaments in between and oh yeah...that family & work thing) It's gonna be a tight run.