Monday, September 17, 2012

Battle for Salvation 2012

Alright you Northern Virginia players, or really anyone in the norther east coast area.  Time to pack up the cars, get your Battlefoam or KR multi-cases all nice and snug and head off to West Nyack, NY for the The Battle for Salvation Grand Tournament this is one of the better tournaments run out of the New York area and worth the gas and admission fee ten fold.  Sadly this year I won't be able to attend due to family constraints but I will be there in spirit that's for sure.
The Battle for Salvation is an independently run NOVA-style Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament taking place Columbus Day weekend in 2012.  The Grand Tournament will feature 6 games over 2 days. Players will be sorted into 8-man brackets at the end of Saturday based on performance. Players will then battle for supremacy in their respective brackets on Sunday, with all players guaranteed 3 games (no more single elimination). Prizes will be awarded to the winners of each bracket and the winner of the top bracket will be crowned Tournament Champion.  In order to register navigate to the Registration by clicking HERE.
Location:  Palisades Center, West Nyack, NY
Date:  October 5-7, 2012  (Columbus Day weekend)
  • Friday: Skirmish Tournament (3-4 games)
  • Saturday: Grand Tournament (3 games)
  • Sunday: Grand Tournament (3 games)
Players: 64+
GT Basics:
  • 1999+1 points
  • 1 Force Organization Chart
  • Allies allowed
  • Fortifications: Bastion & Aegis
  • Random game length (as rulebook)
Here is a video put up by Fritz 40K explaining the venue and the events going on during The Battle for Salvation.
An if the venue and 6 games was not enough to get you out of your chair and going.  If your a huge fan of NOVA Open, the winners will also earn a spot in the 2013 NOVA Open Invitational.  So seriously, If you don't have plans for the weekend of October 5th-7th I would highly recommend you book up now and get out there.  You won't regret it, I know I already do for missing it. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

NoVA Open 2012 - List in Review

So with NOVA Open come and gone I want to post up lessons learned with the list I took.  My intent going into NOVA Open was to theory out the effectiveness of an Epidemius list.  I had seen, and play tested, many Tzeentch Daemon lists prior to going to the Open, but after review they seemed so heavily pinned on one model that you could not counter with weight of fire (aka Fateweaver).  That being said I could see some saying that Epidemius was also a list that could be countered by taking Epi out, which though true Epi can hide in a unit of 9 Eternal Warrior Swarms which makes his survivability much more potent.  This was only confirmed even more by the fact that in all 9 of my games (7 in the Open and 2 pickups) no one ever got a wound put on Epi.  The Nurglings were such a tar pit they couldn’t get past them.  But before I get to far in let’s see the list.

Daemon = 1127 pts
HQ = 385
Epidemius (110)
Bloodthirster w/ Blessing of the Blood God, Unholy Might, Instrument of Chaos (280)

Troops = 267
Plaguebearers of Nurgle  x 5 = 75
Plaguebearers of Nurgle x 5 = 75
Nurglings x 9 = 117

Heavy Support = 470
Daemon Prince w/ Flight, Hide, MoN, Breath, Cloud = 235
Daemon Prince w/ Flight, Hide, MoN, Breath, Cloud = 235

Fortification = 100
Aegis Line w/ Quad Gun (100)

Chaos Space Marines Allies = 772 pts
HQ = 225
Typhus (225)

Troops = 570
Plague Marines x 10 w/ 2 Melta, w/ Champ, P-Axe = 280
Plague Marines x 9 w/ 2 Plasma, w/ Champ, P-Axe = 267

Total Points = 1999  

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back from NOVA Open 2012

Back from NOVA Open 2012 and getting ready for getting back into the work grind of day to day life.  Man what an event, an I can honestly say if you didn't go this year, you seriously missed out!  Everything was great.  Great setup, Great deals and support to the players, Amazing staff.  It was an experience to behold indeed.  If i was to list all of the good things from this event I would have to create a new blog page to hold them all.  Here are however some of the major highlights of the event to me.

  • Even with a short amount of staff the NOVA Open team were always there.  I had judges constantly moving around.  Always there to answer for judge calls.  I think over the entire weekend I only heard 1 person to have to call for a judge twice before the judge was there (though there were about 5 other people adding in extra judge calls to carry on a gag).  The packets were laid out well, the FAQs were there and easy to read and tables were all laid out as the packet said they were each game (as if judges were going around the tables between heats making sure everything was in place where it was suppose to be)
  • Projector of brackets in last name alphabetical order.  I can not tell you how great this was.  Every time brackets were up it was as easy as passing a wall looking up and seeing my name in the same column and space every time and going to my table.  If there was anything about the event that I liked the most this was it.  No cramming around 30 people near a column trying find my name on a sheet so I can go to my table.  I literally had to walk past a projector and two seconds later head to my table.
  • Space.  There was a ton of space.  Not just between the different types of games but also plenty of butt room (didn't bum joust anyone all weekend long) and also between the table.  Each table had a nice 6" column of space for reserves and dead piles.
  • Prize support was great.  Attendees were great.  Everything was just a great experience.
To the staff of NOVA Open and those supported them you put on a great show and I cannot thank you and the team for all the work you put into a great event.

Up next most likely will be Mechanicon at the end of October.  That and biting at the bit for a Chaos Space Marines codex.